Hasard Collieries.

Hasard Collieries Cheratte located in Belgium near Liege in the village Cheratte. It is an old coal mine where in the middle of the last century among others, thousands of miners were Dutch. A remarkable malakow tower has been constructed in 1907 above shaft nr. 1, which was 170 m deep. The buildings nearby house the baths and offices. The winding tower of shaft nr. 2 (depth 313 m), a steel construction dated 1923, is no longer preserved. Shaft nr. 3, with 480 m the deepest one at Hasard Cheratte, was intended to be worked by a tower-type winder, but finally the tower has been converted into a headgear with diagonal brace and a flat rope winding engine. Puits Hognee, the shaft on the hill behind the mine, has been used to lift waste material to a spoil tip. The adit is still visible just nearby the capped shaft nr. 1 underneath the malakow tower. The style of the building is an example of the Malakoff architecture, a popular style dating from the 19th century. The tower of the ventilation shaft, the Belle-Fleur de Hoignee ", has been 1992 monument status in Belgium. The mine is a sleeping beauty since it's closure in 1977.

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